Health and Safety

In the working environment of today, Health and Safety is a very important factor. Our stringent safety policies and procedures ensure that our clients and staff are safe at all times.

Therefore, Health & Safety issue are addressed collectively involving operatives, supervisors, managers and clients. Individual risk assessments of products and premises are carried out prior to commencement of a contract.

Regular reviews are carried out by the operative being aware of the effect their actions could have on others, and with supervisors and managers being aware of the many hazards which can present themselves. Where these hazards can be resolved without the involvement of the client they will be, however there are times when only the client can resolve an issue, which they invariably do.

We keep a detailed site file on every premises we provide a service for, which includes COSHH statements, completed Risk Assessments


It is our Policy to undertake its business activities in a manner sensitive to the environment, to conserve natural resources, reduce waste and minimise pollution to land, water and air. We will take at all times reasonable steps to maintain compliance with relevant environmental legislation and all other legislation, witch remains effective and relevant.
Wherever possible, we only use chemicals which are Ph neutral biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Should a client have specific requirements, we are happy to advise them on product availability, to ensure that their desired standards are achieved. The management of StarPlus Cleaning Services Ltd regards the promotion of an environmental strategy as a key element in operating a successful business.


Our staff are trained correctly in the tasks that they are required to perform for our clients via a thorough, ongoing training programme, which all operatives receive throughout their employment. Training includes internal courses on Health & safety, job training and job performance.


Recruiting the best available staff is essential and all prospective staff must complete an application form and supply evidence of correct home address, national insurance number and bank/building society details. We also require positive evidence that potential employees have the legal right to work in this country. Each applicant is interviewed, personal details are checked and evaluated for employment. We believe also that the wage rates we offer are in line with market rates and will help significantly in attracting better quality Operatives.

Continuous Improvement

As a company StarPlus Cleaning Services Ltd is committed to continuous improvement both in the way the contracts are operated and in the way technology may assist in the process of monitoring the performance throughout the life of the contract. We will apply world class technology to our products, processes and services.


It is our policy to comply fully with all current and pending legislation. It is the policy of StarPlus Cleaning Services that TUPE will apply to all contracts that we undertake.