It’s not just the inside of your office/shop that needs to be kept clean. In fact, a lot of people make their first impressions based on the outside of your property. Visitors coming to your office will make immediate judgements on how your office site  looks from the outside. If they see a nice and clean looking office/shop, they will be keener to come inside. And one of the main keys to this is having clean and sparkling windows. sing highly trained window cleaners we can offer professional advice on the best method of cleaning your windows. It may be that your building requires safety eye-bolt fittings or that the roof could lend itself to a boatswain's chair. Whatever the circumstances we will be looking to find you the most suitable, safe and cost effective method. At the end of each clean our Supervisor will present you with a satisfaction note' for signature. This system allows you to check that the work has been completed to your satisfaction and also ensures that the cleans take place according to schedule. Our Window Cleaning Methods:

  • Abseiling - Rope Access
  • Harnesses & Eyebolts
  • Ladders
  • Reach and Wash pole cleaning system
  • Hydraulic platforms
  • Cradles