For a clean and professional washroom environment, high quality feminine hygiene systems are crucial. From commercial to corporate organisations, Starplus Washrooms provides exceptional collection and disposal services for feminine hygiene waste that complies with all relevant environmental standards and workplace regulations. f you've got a multi-storey building with a number of cubicles, or unmanned toilets that you can't check personally, how do you know that every item has been serviced as you would wish? With Starplus Cleaning Services Ltd, you can be completely confident, because we use a unique GPS satellite tracking monitoring barcode system to monitor every service we do. Each item we install is barcoded and our operators are equipped with PDA scanners. Once the operators have serviced each unit, replenished stock or emptied waste, they scan the barcodes. The operator can't 'close the job' until all units on your premises have been serviced and scanned. At that point, the job is signed off and a signed message is automatically emailed to you, to confirm all your washrooms have been serviced. The data is also sent to our office at the same time so we can track all operator movements. All our clients are delighted with this system, they know that with this system there isn’t any possibility that our operators will miss any unit.