Health and Safety

In the working environment of today, Health and Safety is a very important factor. Our stringent safety policies and procedures ensure that our clients and staff are safe at all times.

Therefore, Health & Safety issue are addressed collectively involving operatives, supervisors, managers and clients. Individual risk assessments of products and premises are carried out prior to commencement of a contract.

Regular reviews are carried out by the operative being aware of the effect their actions could have on others, and with supervisors and managers being aware of the many hazards which can present themselves. Where these hazards can be resolved without the involvement of the client they will be, however there are times when only the client can resolve an issue, which they invariably do.

We keep a detailed site file on every premises we provide a service for, which includes COSHH statements, completed Risk Assessments

Why Starplus Cleaning Services Ltd!

–     We are one of London’s leading office cleaning companies with an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity throughout London.

–    We are Corporate Member of The British Institute of Cleaning Science and SafeContractor approved.

–       We are proud to have a large number of long term clients and employees who have contributed to the company’s growth in London, we pride ourselves on our excellent client retention rate (100% – 2011), this demonstrates our commitment to providing a level of daily contract office cleaning services which we hope that will exceed your expectations.

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It’s a sad truth, but most of us spend our work days in terribly uninspiring environments.  Those fluorescent panels, cookie cutter cubicles and motivational posters may be soulless, but design sensibility often carries a premium that is slashed from the bottom line of Big Business.  There are some progressive companies, however, who push the envelope of design to provide their employees with a truly invigorating work environment.  To celebrate the office as a place where work can be beautiful, here are 10 of the most amazing office spaces in the world.

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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Concern about the environment is an important consideration for many people in London today. A lot of us realize that the environment is fragile and most people are willing to make sensible accommodations to protect it.

From an environmental perspective, it’s especially important to give close attention to cleaning products and services. In the past cleaning products have been among the most environmentally damaging products in use, and society has used them with reckless abandon.

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